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Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

Listen in as Casandra Calabrese, DO, provides tips on educating your patients to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Telehealth is Reimbursed by CMS for Medicare

  • Provide treatment to your patients outside of offices and/or healthcare facilities and be reimbursed
  • Use publicly available technology such as Facetime or Skype with the HIPPA governance waiving the need for HIPAA secured technology
  • CPT and HCPCS codes have been established for telehealth services
  • More information on the telehealth expansion for Medicare can be found here.
  • Click on the link for the American Rheumatology Network telehealth summary and codes

COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance — International Case Reporting Registry

  • AWIR is an official supporter of the International Registry
  • Enter data on your patients infected with COVID-19
  • Help answer urgent questions about treatment options and infection risks amongst your patients
  • De-identified registry data will be disseminated for analysis
  • Click on the link to earn more about the registry and how to use it

CMS 1135 Waivers to Ease Administrative Burden on Providers for Medicaid Patients

  • Treat Medicaid patients with greater freedom and less paperwork
  • For example, states can decide to reimburse for telehealth services, remove the need for FFS prior authorizations, reimburse physicians for services provided out of state and more 
  • Options vary from state to state. More information on the Section 1135 Waivers can be found here

Global Healthy Living Foundation and Creaky Joints Launch COVID-19 Patient and Family Support Program

  • Made for patients and caregivers, this program allows patients to get answers on many questions about the exposure and prevention from COVID-19 from healthcare professionals, receive emails on the latest news and stories on how other patients are coping
  • Click on the link to sign up for the program