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Membership Benefits


AWIRs global partners and chapters are essential to our mission of fostering the advancement and education of women in rheumatology. Our digital footprint includes over 11,000 touchpoints worldwide and is key in our mission to connect Rheumatologists across continents.


AWIR offers its members premier medical education and professional advocacy training with specific initiatives for physicians, advanced practice providers, and fellows.


AWIR advocates work on the frontline of healthcare. We provide support for our community with tools and resources necessary for actively engaging legislators and regulators around the country. Join our network to support AWIR policy priorities at both the state and federal level.

Practice Development

AWIR is dedicated to providing support for physicians in developing the practice of Rheumatology. Resources provided include mentoring, networking, contract review techniques, and negotiation skills.

Clinical Trials

AWIR is dedicated to engaging members and partners in research that will improve the treatment of rheumatic diseases and patient's lives.


AWIR local chapter meetings give members the opportunity to network, mentor and lead on a local and regional level. Attendance is free and all are invited.


AWIR offers CME accredited meetings throughout the year focusing on key initiatives scientific updates and our signature immunology bootcamp.